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Marketing Strategy

Opportunity Analysis

Understanding the current and potential opportunities in the market and the need gaps therein

Industry Trends

Understanding the prevalent trends and best practices in the industry for benchmarking

Market Sizing

Measuring the future market size for the product and the pockets where the demand will arise from

Demand Estimation

Measuring the future market size for the product and the pockets where the demand will arise from

Competition Analysis

Understanding the competition offerings and strategy to plan competative strategies to optimize market share

Brand strategy

Brand Equity

Research: measure and track the brand equity value and benchmark with the competitive brands

Brand Health Tracking

Measure and track the brand health metrics viz. awareness, consideration, recommendation and benchmark with the competitive brands

Brand Positioning

Understand how the brand is positioned in the mind of the consumer vis-a-vis the competition brands

Communication Evaluation

measure and track the ad effectiveness and how it is affecting the brand health and positioning

Campaign Evaluation

Measure and track the effectiveness of the whole campaign and its effect on the brand health and positioning

Product Strategy

Product Development

Using consumer research to develop and gain feedback on the features required and design a new product

Concept Evaluation

Testing and evaluating the acceptance of a new product/service concepts

Pricing Research

Estimating the optimum price of a product/service the consumer will be willing to pay

Distribution Strategy

To understand the most effective distribution strategy from both the demand and supply point of view

Usability Evaluation

Evaluate the UX/UI of a website/mobile app to improve the effectiveness of the platform

Consumer strategy

Usage & Attitude Study

Understand the product/service usage habits of consumers and their attitude towards the same

Customer Satisfaction

Measure and track the level of satisfaction of using a product/sevice among its consumers

Segmentation Analysis

Explore and segment the consumer base into various behavioral and demographic based segments

Purchase Analysis

Evaluate the process followed by the consumers for various product segment and the path to purchase from need evaluation to post purchase experience

Latent Need Analysis

Understand and uncover the latent needs the consumer may have with regard to a product/service



Explains the why's & how's for the what's. This is ideal for explorative research with an objective to go deep in the consumer's mind & understand underlying reasons, options & motivations. Focus group discussions, In depth Interviews, Dyads, Triads.



A structured way to collect primary data in order to quantify information. This is used to form conclusive & actionable insights

Semi Structured

Semi Structured

A hybrid approach to understand the behavior for more niche consumer segments giving qualitative and more actionable insights

UX/UI Usability Evaluation

UX/UI Usability Evaluation

A specialized lab based technique to evaluate the UX/UI of a website/mobile app using concurrent & retrospective think aloud protocols

Secondary Research

Secondary Research

Desk based research to gather intelligence using existing data. This helps in gathering overall market landscape scenario.

Industry Report


Primary research study among the stakeholders to understand the market size of Digital media in Indian Restaurant Industry and best practices followed with regard to Digital Marketing

Industry Report


Primary research study among stakeholders to understand market size of the Digital Advertising Industry in India and the adoption trends prevalent herein

New Product Development: Qualitative study to help an upcoming e-commerce portal develop their service offering

Brand Health Study: Online Quantitative study to evaluate the brand health and customer perception for a leading healthcare brand

Brand Awareness Study: Online Quantitative study to measure the brand awareness and category usage behaviour for a leading Furniture brand

Consumer Behaviour Study: Qualitative study to understand the consumer behaviour with regard to cosmetics for an International Cosmetics brand

Market Understanding Study: Qualitative study to identify the drivers & barriers towards smartphone sales for an upcoming Smartphone brand

Market Understanding Study: Quantitative study to understand the market dynamics prevalent among the mechanics and dealers of Engine Oils

Founded in 2007, WATConsult is India's leading digital media agency working with over 85 large Indian and Global brands. Part of Dentsu Aegis Network it has a 240+ member team spread across Mumbai, Delhi and Bangalore.

WATConsult has launched specialist divisions, SocialCRM247, Audientise, Ecommencify and InnoWAT for social CRM, Recogn for Consumer Research & Consulting, programmatic advertising, go to market eCommerce and tech innovations respectively.

WATConsult won over 100 metals in last two years and some recognized wins are, most progressive digital agency at CMO Asia, Boutique media agency at Media Ace Awards, Agency of the year (Bronze) at Campaign Asia and Global Echo award.

Recogn complements the agency's knowledge of digital media over a period of the last 9 years with understanding of the digital audience, providing marketers with deeper insights into the minds of digital consumers and help create more focussed digital strategies.