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With the increasing penetration of the mobile first consumer base, it has become more important for brands to enhance their interaction with the consumer on the mobile device. Thus, brands are increasing their presence on this platform with brand apps.

The smartphone revolution has increased the adoption and usage of mobile apps among users. This has resulted in the emergence of the mobile device as a marketing medium and marketers are developing 'brand apps' to extend their brand's presence on this platform.

According to the report, majority of the respondents use news related brand apps followed by over-the-top (OTT) apps and business / finance apps. The source of discovery and influencers for downloading these apps are primarily family & friends followed by brand ads on media and app stores.

A large number of respondents use these apps to stay updated, get the latest information on the brand, make payments / transactions, and for fun / enjoyment.

Further, the research finds that app relevance followed by usability and entertainment are the most important factors that drive the satisfaction among the users and makes the brand app successful.

Majority of the respondents mentioned that they are very likely to purchase a brand product after using its app than watching the brand's ad on media. This means that the increased engagement driven by the usage of brand apps positively impacts the brand consideration in the minds of the consumer.